Representing Rural Alberta


The latest NDP electoral boundary changes have erased 3 rural ridings in Alberta. The NDP is deliberately reducing rural voices in Alberta. With impractical legislation like Bill 6 it’s apparent that the NDP does not understand or listen to Alberta farmers.

Bill 6 unnecessarily increased red-tape and regulatory burden on Alberta farms. The NDP promotes it under a fake guise of “protecting workers” which is no different than its promotion of a carbon tax under a fake guise of “protecting the environment.”

Bill 6 is just a way for WCB to gain more mandatory influence and expand its mandate. The carbon tax is just a shameless new source of tax revenue for the government. Alberta needs smart and energetic rural representatives that can promote our small town rural way-of-life, our local businesses and our resources sectors. 

Innisfail – Sylvan Lake is one of the few rural based ridings left in Alberta. We need strong rural voices to go up to Edmonton with the background and experience in agriculture and small business.

Movement Conservative


I am a conservative. I believe in people.

I believe we all have basic unassailable human rights and that governments need to be limited in its intention to regulate our lives. Conservatives are leaders. We hold ourselves personally responsible for our communities. There are vocal groups across the country that promote fear and dependency of governments. 

We need to be bold in Alberta and promote conservatism around the country. Alberta’s success is from our brave pioneers that worked hard and were determined. Bureaucracy didn’t make the Alberta Advantage. It was our belief in each other, in individual self-worth and dignity, that made us the best province in Canada.

We need to promote a less intrusive government, lower our tax burden, and protect individual freedoms.

Stable and Effective Representation


My time working under the Klein and Harper Governments has given me the political experience of how to effectively listen and represent people.

Governments are given power by the people. Governments should be afraid of not listening to the people. Representatives should want to serve people.

If elected as our UCP candidate, I will work hard to honestly and humbly serve the people of Innisfail – Sylvan Lake.

I take elections seriously. I stand by my word and I will honour the commitment I make to voters. If elected I will fulfill the full term of office and the mandate given to me by the people.