My family has lived in this riding for over a hundred years. I want central Alberta to be a place where my family will continue to want to live for the next hundred years.

Help bring back the Alberta Advantage



Volunteering in the community has been an important part of my family for generations. Giving back and helping community organizations builds inclusive, safe, prosperous places to live.


We are so blessed in Innisfail -Sylvan Lake to have a strong pioneer history of people coming from all over the world; wanting the same thing – a better life for their family.


I believe it is important to maintain the values that built Central Alberta and made it become the best place in our province to raise a family.

Through my experience as a volunteer I have seen first-hand the benefits of working together to achieve more. Hardworking volunteers are the backbone of the community. They understand the needs of their community better than any bureaucrat and are out there everyday volunteering their time to make a difference.


I applaud the local volunteers and service clubs that we have here in Central Alberta who have helped build this great community.

The Alberta Advantage


The Alberta Advantage was not a myth. It was the result of limited government interference and greater personal freedom throughout our province. We became the economic engine of the country, becoming a beacon of prosperity for people across Canada and the world.


It is time to start supporting the hardworking individuals that made Alberta great and stop limiting our people's abilities to succeed.